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Table 1 Correlation between quality of life specialist and General health (GHQ-28) in infertile women

From: Quality of life and general health of infertile women

Quality of life General health
Physical symptoms Anxiety Depression Social function Total score of the public health
Physical −0.637b −0.519b −0.298b −0.346b −0.567b
Psychological −0.337b −0.538b −0.236b −0.307b −0.453b
Spiritual -0.169a -0293b −0.187a −0.301b −0.338b
Economic −0.140 −0.178a 0.025 −0.013 −0.122
Emotional −0.139 −0.237b 0.089 −0.123 −0.104
Sexual −0.266b −0.373b −0.063 −0.164a −0.280b
Social −0.230b −0.340b −0.032 −0.299b −0.286b
Total score of the Quality of Life −0.479b −0.596b −0.222a −0.394b −0.543b
  1. aSignificantly between (0.05 to 0.01)
  2. bSignificantly lower than 0.01