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Table 2 Coefficients country-specific regression models (yellow cells: p < 0.05)a

From: International comparison of experience-based health state values at the population level

  1. a ARM Armenia, BEL Belgium, CAN Canada, FIN Finland, GER Germany, GRE Greece, HUN Hungary, JAP Japan, NET Netherlands, NZL New Zealand, SLV Slovenia, SPA Spain, SWE Sweden, UK United Kingdom, US United States
  2. INT1 = Intercept - no problem in all dimensions; INT2 = Intercept – at least some problem in one dimension; Mobility = Some or extreme problems in Mobility; Selfcare = Some or extreme problems in Selfcare; Activity = Some or extreme problems in Activity; Pain = Some or extreme problems in Pain; Anxiety = Some or extreme problems in Anxiety; Mobility3 = Extreme problems in Mobility; Selfcare3 = Extreme problems in Selfcare; Activity3 = Extreme problems in Activity; Pain3 = Extreme problems in Pain; Anxiety3 = Extreme problems in Anxiety