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Fig. 3

From: International comparison of experience-based health state values at the population level

Fig. 3

Range of the county-specific interaction term coefficients by EQ-5D-3 L health dimensions – maximum (green), median (red) and minimum (blue).

As the parameter estimates were forced to be non-positive, coefficients with a zero value indicate that the best estimate is found on this boundary. Coefficients with zero value were found in almost all dimensions. INT1 = Intercept - no problem in all dimensions; INT2 = Intercept – at least some problem in one dimension; Mobility = Some or extreme problems in Mobility; Selfcare = Some or extreme problems in Selfcare; Activity = Some or extreme problems in Activity; Pain = Some or extreme problems in Pain; Anxiety = Some or extreme problems in Anxiety; Mobility3 = Extreme problems in Mobility; Selfcare3 = Extreme problems in Selfcare; Activity3 = Extreme problems in Activity; Pain3 = Extreme problems in Pain; Anxiety3 = Extreme problems in Anxiety

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