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Table 4 Association of regret intensity with the consequences of the regret-inducing situation on the patient, on the healthcare professional and on patient care

From: Validation of the German version of two scales (RIS, RCS-HCP) for measuring regret associated with providing healthcare

  Scale range Mean difference p
Consequence to patient (e.g., transfer to ICU, resuscitation, permanent harm) 1–6 0.24 0.005
Death (unexpected, or expected but earlier) yes vs. no 0.26 0.04
Involvement of the healthcare professional
 Self-reported error yes vs. no 0.21 0.02
  Correlation p
  Responsibility 0–10 0.24 <0.001
Consequences to the healthcare professional
 Satisfaction with work 1–7 −0.27 <0.001
 Sleep difficulties 1–28 0.27 <0.001
 Self-reported health 1–5 −0.17 0.004
  1. Mean difference for categorical variables and Correlation for continuous variables