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Table 4 Test-retest reliability and responsiveness of the CH-ATRS

From: The chinese version of achilles tendon total rupture score: cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and validity


1st-Test (mean ± SD)

2nd-Test (mean ± SD)

3rd-Test (mean ± SD)

ICC (95%CI)




57.42 ± 13.70

56.55 ± 13.27

42.74 ± 13.66

0.986 (0.980-0.990)



  1. ICC intra-class correlation coefficient, ES effect size, SRM standardized response mean, CI 95% confidence interval, CH-ATRS Chinese version of Shoulder Pain and Disability Index
  2. The 1st-Test was conducted at the beginning of this research (112 patients), the 2nd-Test was conducted one week later to calculate the test-retest reliability (ICC) of the CH-ATRS (112 patients), and the 3rd-Test was conducted six months later to calculate the responsiveness (ES, SRM) of the CH-ATRS (91 patients)