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Table 3 Association between health-related quality of life and gender and socioeconomic factors (adjusted for age, marital status, weight change, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, smoking status, and diagnosis)

From: Socioeconomic inequalities in health-related quality of life between men and women, 5 years after a coronary angiography

  Self-rated health Quality of life WHOQOL-BREF physical domain WHOQOL-BREF psychological domain
  Estimate (Standard error) Estimate (Standard error) Estimate (Standard error) Estimate (Standard error)
 Men ref. ref. ref. ref.
 Women -0.24 (0.06)a -0.11 (0.06)c -7.77 (1.36)a -4.42 (1.26)b
Education level
 Primary -0.31 (0.07)a -0.36 (0.08)a -9.12 (1.07)a -5.95 (1.58)b
 Secondary -0.12 (0.07) -0.27 (0.06)a -3.95 (1.56)c -2.37 (1.44)
 Tertiary ref. ref. ref. ref.
Living conditions
 Difficult living conditions -0.40 (0.07)a -0.48 (0.07)a -11.51 (1.62)a -11.09 (1.51)a
 Easy living conditions ref. ref. ref. ref.
  1. a<0.0001, b<0.01, c<0.05
  2. Source: Monitoring and Dynamics of health status through the Risk Factors for Cardiovascular disease (MDYNRFC) Survey, 2013/2014