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Table 2 Scope of Retrieval from Blog Testimonies

From: From early detection to rehabilitation in the community: reading beyond the blog testimonies of survivors’ quality of life and prostate cancer representation

Subject Specific areas
Medical care and rehabilitation Treatment methods and their impact on the life of the patient and his family
Importance of patients’ involvement and participation in the treatment and rehabilitation trajectory
Self-care needs during treatment and rehabilitation period
Recovery post-PC treatment Consequences on daily life during post-treatment recovery period, specific to:
- work life
- sexual functioning
- physical energy level
- psychological wellbeing
- broad social life
Self-care needs during recovery time
Possibility of side effects and how to face them
Health education and self-care Availability of formal information sources
Availability of informal information sources
Highlights of support groups for men and their families
Hidden discourse and silence between men with regards to PC
Women’s roles during each stage of PC trajectory
Global vision of PC and its impacts on one’s sense of being a man Impact of changes and dysfunctions on:
- the ability to make autonomous decisions
- physical autonomy for self-care
- changes in physical functioning (micturition, excretion, and ejaculation)
- sexual capabilities
- erection
- libido
- emotional control
- masculine self-image
- image as family bread-winner
- awareness of end-of-life
- self-realisation
Type of language used in the messages Message tone:
- informative
- alarmist
- sensationalist
- educative
- critique
- political