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Table 3 Example quotes by domain

From: Measuring the impact of migraine for evaluating outcomes of preventive treatments for migraine headaches

Domain Episodic migraine quote Chronic migraine quote
Physical functioning You just don’t move around as much…and you don’t move real fast, you don’t want to dance, you don’t want to do anything like that that will kind of jolt your body. (EM no aura) I don’t like to do anything when I’m in the middle of a migraine. I mean, even just any slight movement hurts. I don’t want to get up and go to the bathroom, I don’t. (CM no aura)
Social and leisure functioning Okay. So I’ve had to skip weddings, I’ve had to skip school events, I’ve had to skip my, uh, grandchild’s, um, baptism I had to skip because I had a migraine. Um, just activities, you know, just normal everyday life things that you look forward to. You know, I haven’t been to gone—do because, you know, migraine and, um, you know, and I push myself to try to go to this stuff and, you know, and there’s—then I start throwing up and it’s like, no, I can’t, you know, so. (EM no aura) Well, whether it be visiting, uh, parents to, uh, to recreational sports; whether it be fishing, boating, uh, going to the beach, or the playground…swimming at a neighbor’s house, or going out to eat, any, you know, anything like that. I just wouldn’t do it. (001–006 – CM no aura)
Emotional functioning [Migraines]…just add a lot of stress because of, um, having to worry about like working around it or working through it or making arrangements to be able to not have to do things. (EM aura) I feel like I’m a burden to people when I have migraines, you know, because I have to rely on them and my whole independence is taken away, you know, but, um, when I don’t have a migraine I’m, you know, I’m happy go lucky. (CM no aura)