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Table 4 Distribution of the EQ-5D-3 L dimensions

From: A comparison of health state utility values associated with oral potentially malignant disorders and oral cancer in Sri Lanka assessed using the EQ-5D-3 L and the EORTC-8D

  Mobility Self-care Usual activities Pain/discomfort Anxiety /depression
No problem 115(76.2) 130(86.1) 107(70.9) 63(41.7) 91(60.3)
Some problem 34(22.5) 19(12.6) 41(27.1) 79(52.3) 56(37.1)
Extreme problem 2(1.3) 2(1.3) 3(2.0) 9(6) 4(2.7)
  1. The numbers indicate the number of patients and percentage in each level of the five dimensions