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Table 3 Pearson correlation of value sets with patients’ VAS valuations and their differences

From: Assessing quality of life in a clinical study on heart rehabilitation patients: how well do value sets based on given or experienced health states reflect patients’ valuations?

  Lower quartile, patients’ VAS at admission Upper quartile, patients’ VAS at admission
  Absolute values Differences Absolute values Differences
GHS-TTO Germany 0.460 (0.333–0.587) 0.233 (0.149–0.320) 0.285 (0.179–0.458) 0.188 (0.112–0.265)
EHS-VAS Germany 0.699 (0.603–0.788) 0.516 (0.430–0.597) 0.420 (0.258–0.571) 0.215 (0.116–0.316)
  1. Legend: Confidence intervals in brackets