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Table 3 Relationship between items of LiSat-11 and items in SWLS in 67 individuals with traumatic brain injury

From: Life satisfaction after traumatic brain injury: comparison of ratings with the Life Satisfaction Questionnaire (LiSat-11) and the Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS)

  LiSat-11 (11-item Life Satisfaction Questionnaire)
SWLS (Satisfaction With Life Scale) 1. Life as a whole 2. Vocation 3. Economy 4. Leisure 5. Contacts 6. Sexual life 7. ADL 8. Family lifea (n=41) 9. Partner relationshipb (n=35) 10. Somatic health 11. Psychol health
1. In most ways my life is close to my ideal 0.59e 0.58e 0.35d 0.61e 0.32d 0.50e 0.36d 0.30 -0.15 0.44e 0.35d
2. The conditions of my life are excellent 0.65e 0.66e 0.44e 0.63e 0.43e 0.47e 0.46e 0.42c -0.18 0.58e 0.41d
3. I am satisfied with my life 0.57e 0.57e 0.39d 0.56e 0.53e 0.26c 0.39d 0.45d 0.10 0.44d 0.45e
4. So far I have gotten the important things I want in life 0.47e 0.47e 0.46e 0.53e 0.42e 0.39d 0.33d 0.41d 0.25 0.50e 0.21
5. If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing 0.39d 0.29c 0.41d 0.32d 0.41d 0.36d 0.18 0.08 0.22 0.28c 0.34d
Total score 0.66e 0.64e 0.51e 0.65e 0.51e 0.51e 0.43e 0.44d 0.13 0.57e 0.44e
  1. a & b Item rated by those with a) family, and b) partner
  2. Correlation (Spearman’s rank correlation) is significant at the 5% (c), 1% (d) and 0.1% (e) levels