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Table 2 Type 2 diabetes impact commonly reported by participants

From: A qualitative examination of the content validity of the EQ-5D-5L in patients with type 2 diabetes

Domain of impact Number of participants reporting each impact Example quotations
Dietary restrictions 17 • You miss being able to just eat and drink what you want without thinking about it, because you know it’s always in your mind.
Limitations on their activities 9 • I used to go swimming…I don’t do the sports anymore.
• I’m a bit slower in daily activities than I used to be.
Decreased energy 7 • By the afternoon I am tired… I can’t keep a conversation up because I just want to go to sleep.
Emotional 7 • Because of my illness, I get grumpy… I’m less tolerant than I used to be.
Social 8 • …makes me very more withdrawn.
• I used to go out and meet up with friends and have no cares or worries, but now I’m concerned that I have to be back, take my medication.
Relationship 3 • It’s detracted pleasure from, um, when I go out with my husband.