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Table 2 Older people specific instruments

From: A systematic review of instruments for measuring outcomes in economic evaluation within aged care

Instrument Dimensions Levels Scoring algorithm
Preference based
ICEpop CAPability measure for Older people (ICECAP-O) Attachment, Security, Role, Enjoyment and Control [92] 4 UK
Non-preference based
Older People’s Quality of Life (OPQOL)a Life overall, health, social relationships and participation, independence, control over life, freedom, and area: home and neighbourhood, psychological and emotional wellbeing, financial circumstances, and religion/culture [89] 5 N/A
Control Autonomy Self-realization and Pleasure (CASP 19) Control, Autonomy, Self-realization and Pleasure [107] 4 N/A
World Health Organisation Quality of Life Instrument-Older Adults Module (WHOQoL-Old)b Sensory functioning, autonomy, past-present-future activities, social participation, death and intimacy [108] 5 N/A
  1. aA shorter 13 item version the OPQOL-Brief has been developed
  2. bThree shorter versions of the WHOQoL-Old have been developed, each having only 6 items, one item per domain, as opposed to the original 24 items