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Table 3 Item response summaries for SSSMQ (n=87) avalues rounded to 2 decimal places

From: Development and psychometric evaluation of a new patient -reported outcome measure for stroke self -management: The Southampton Stroke Self - Management Questionnaire (SSSMQ)

Item No Item (r- denotes reverse score) Meana SDa
1 The effects of stroke mean that I cannot manage my recovery and health (r) 4.23 1.54
2 When things do not go well with my stroke, it is hard to stay positive (r) 3.04 1.45
3 It is not up to me to decide what the best ways to manage my stroke are (r) 2.72 1.19
4 The physical effects of stroke mean that I cannot manage my health as I would like (r) 3.84 1.60
5 It is hard to be motivated to seek out solutions to problems relating to stroke (r) 3.25 1.47
6 I am not sure what signs or symptoms might mean my health is changing (r) 4.27 1.56
7 My problems with communication mean that I cannot manage my health as I would like (r) 3.92 1.68
8 Whatever I do, I will not improve my condition (r) 4.50 1.15
9 The efforts I take to manage my health have a positive effect 4.84 1.11
10 I find it difficult to tell health care professionals what I want or need (r) 4.83 1.27
11 I work out ways of managing my health following stroke together with health care professionals 3.68 1.41
12 I am confident that health care professionals can answer my questions 4.87 1.41
13 I feel confident at discussing any advice I don’t understand with Doctors 3.90 1.64
14 I feel confident at getting the information I need from health care professionals 3.50 1.58
15 I know how to get help if I am concerned about my condition 3.86 1.41
16 I plan my day so I can get things done without being tired 4.18 1.41
17 I feel confident asking family members to help me do things important to my health 4.08 1.29
18 I manage things related to stroke as well as other people with stroke 3.19 1.64
19 I try different ways of doing things, until I find out what works for me 4.24 1.66
20 Ideas and things that work for other people with stroke are helpful to my recovery 4.27 1.62
21 I have useful information or advice to give to others regarding managing stroke 3.83 1.57
22 I feel comfortable asking friends to help me do things important to my health 4.12 1.48
23 I am concerned that the things I do to manage stroke, may cause harm if not guided by health care professionals (r) 4.58 1.09
24 I cannot alter what my healthcare professionals decide to do about my stroke (r) 4.67 1.03
25 My condition would improve if I received more professional help (r) 4.55 1.23
26 Following advice from health care professionals is the only way I will manage stroke (r) 4.10 1.50
27 I always follow professional advice about my health, to the letter (r) 4.53 1.49
28 Constant professional advice would help me to manage my stroke (r) 4.56 1.03