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Table 2 Non-parametric correlation matrix of SSSMQ with additional measures

From: Development and psychometric evaluation of a new patient -reported outcome measure for stroke self -management: The Southampton Stroke Self - Management Questionnaire (SSSMQ)

  SSSMQ SSEQ Strength~ Hand function~ ADL/IADL~ Mobility~ Communication~ Emotion~ Memory & thinking~ Participation/role function~ 0-100 perceived recovery ~
SSSMQ   .62a .05 .10 .24a .25a .38a .59a .49a .36a .61a
  1. SSSMQ Southampton Stroke Self-Management Questionnaire (n = 87), SSEQ Stroke self-efficacy questionnaire (n = 83) ~ domain of the Stroke Impact Scale (n = 74) aSignificant at the 0.01 level or lower