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Table 4 Key areas test in the cognitive interviews

From: Development and validation of the BRIGHTLIGHT Survey, a patient-reported experience measure for young people with cancer

Key area Examples
Comprehension Request clarification, e.g. on the meaning of words, phrases, an entire question, or whether certain things should be in- or excluded?
Recall/judgement, are they able to think back? Do they find this difficult/easy?
Did respondent have trouble remembering the information?
Watch out if respondent is not answering with the information the question is asking about, i.e. misconceiving the question.
Response Social desirability, i.e. responding according to what they think people will want to hear/expect rather than their true opinion.
Other factors Do the questions cover all circumstances or are any responses missing?
Is there any indication that the question may be too long or wordy
Does the routing work to guide respondents through the questionnaire; are they asked any inappropriate questions?
Any issues/problems with questions being too sensitive or any concerns?
Any age/cancer type/treatment issues with answering the questions?