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Table 1 An example of a descriptive experience question developed for the BRIGHTLIGHT Survey

From: Development and validation of the BRIGHTLIGHT Survey, a patient-reported experience measure for young people with cancer

Why did you choose not to take part in the trial?  
1.I didn’t want to do it  
2.I was told about the trial at a difficult time  
3.Treatment in the trial was longer/didn’t want to have longer treatment  
4.Treatment in the trial was shorter/didn’t want to have shorter treatment  
5.Didn’t want to be part of an experiment  
6.I had too many things to think about already  
7.Was worried it would make me feel worse/my prognosis worse  
8.Would have had to go for more hospital visits  
9.Would have had to take more drugs/the trial would have increased the number of drugs I would receive  
10.Would have had fewer drugs/the trial would have decreased the number of drugs I would receive  
11.I didn’t understand what the trial was about  
12.I was not selected for the trial