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Table 1 Criteria for inclusion and exclusion

From: Health related quality of life in adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome: a cross-sectional study

  CFS patients Healthy control subjects
Inclusion criteria: Persisting or constantly relapsing fatigue lasting 3 months or more. Age ≥ 12 years and < 18 years
  Functional disability resulting from fatigue to a degree that prevent normal school attendance  
  Age ≥ 12 and < 18 years  
Exclusion criteria: Another current process or chronic disease or demanding life event that might explain the fatigue Another chronic disease
Permanent use of pharmaceuticals (including hormones)
  Permanent use of pharmaceuticals (including hormones) possibly interfering with the measurements  
  Permanently bed-ridden  
  Positive pregnancy test  
  Evidence of reduced cerebral and/or peripheral circulation due to vessel disease  
  Renal insufficiency  
  Known hypersensitivity towards clonidine or inert substances (lactose, saccarose) in capsula  
  Abnormal ECG (apart from ectopic beats)  
  Supine heart rate < 50 beats/min  
  Supine systolic blood pressure < 85 mmHg  
  Upright systolic blood pressure fall > 30 mmHg  
  1. The criteria are designed for the randomized control trial in the NorCAPITAL-project (The Norwegian Study of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Adolescents: Pathophysiology and Intervention Trial; Clinical Trials ID: NCT01040429), which explores possible mechanisms of CFS, the effect of low-dose clonidine treatment, and patients’ experiences as adolescents with CFS (9)