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Table 1 Aspects of health used in the prioritising exercise and sources

From: Meaningful health outcomes for paediatric neurodisability: Stakeholder prioritisation and appropriateness of patient reported outcome measures

Cards depicting: Qualitative work with children and parents PROMs Delphi survey with health care professionals
Play x x x
Sport x   x
Independent x x x
Communication x x x
Memory x   x
Concentration   x  
Emotional wellbeing x x x
Fitness and stamina   x x
Breathing    x
Learning x x x
Let me decide x x x
Muscle strength    x
Moving my body x x x
Manipulating objects   x x
Moving about x x x
Pain x x x
Worried x x  
Personality/confidence and self esteem x x x
Family x x x
Friends x x x
Hearing and seeing x x x
Self care x x x
Eating nutrition x x x
Self care Hygiene x x x
Safety x x x
Sexual health   x x
Sleep x x x
Social life/go out x x x
Continence x x x
Education x x  
Drool, swallowing, constipation x   x
Body structures x   x
Control behaviour x   x
Change body position    x
  1. The card depicting “safety” was not printed and therefore not used in the exercise