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Table 2 Summary of DRQoL scores [range 0–100] – between and within patient comparison of treatments (mITT population)

From: Treatment satisfaction and quality-of-life between type 2 diabetes patients initiating long- vs. intermediate-acting basal insulin therapy in combination with oral hypoglycemic agents – a randomized, prospective, crossover, open clinical trial

  End of period 1, mean ± SD End of period 2, mean ± SD p-value*
Sequence A 69.7 ± 8.45 70.1 ± 9.04 0.48
N = 118 (GLAR) (NPH)
Sequence B 69.8 ± 9.81 69.4 ± 9.66 0.46
N = 111 (NPH) (GLAR)
p-value ** 0.97 0.55  
  1. Legend: *Paired t-test was applied for comparison of treatments within each sequence (within patient comparison); **Unpaired t-test was applied for comparison of treatments in each period (between patient comparison); Sequence A: starting with insulin glargine (GLAR) and then switching to NPH insulin; Sequence B: starting with NPH insulin and then switching to insulin glargine