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Table 1 Scoring of intestinal symptoms

From: Intestinal symptoms and psychological factors jointly affect quality of life of patients with irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea

Scores (point) 0 1 2 3
Intestinal symptoms     
Main intestinal symptoms     
Frequency of pre-defecation abdominal pain/discomfort ≥3 day/month ≥1 day/week Every day
Degree of pre-defecation abdominal pain/discomfort Mild Moderate Severe
Frequency of bowel movement during symptom onset ≤3/day 4-5/day ≥6/day
Stool form during symptom onset (Bristol stool form scale) 4-5 6 7
Improvement of abdominal pain/discomfort with defecation Complete relief Relief ≥1/2 Relief <1/2
Defecation-related symptoms     
Degree of abdominal distention None Mild Moderate Severe
Degree of urgency None Mild Moderate Severe
Degree of defecation straining None Mild Moderate Severe
Frequency of passing mucus None Occasionally Sometimes Often
Degree of incomplete defecation None Mild Moderate Severe
Amount of fecal incontinence None Small Medium Large