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Table 1 Demographics for patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy

From: Assessment of health-related quality of life using the SF-36 in Chinese cervical spondylotic myelopathy patients after surgery and its consistency with neurological function assessment: a cohort study

Age(years) Mean = 60.0 Range = 32-90  
Gender Male = 84 (39.8%) Female = 58 (60.2%)  
Treatment Posterior Approach Laminoplasty 74
  Anterior approach ACDF 51
   Artificial Intervertebral Disk Implant 10
   ACCF 7
mJOA Mild 82
Moderate 39
Severe 21
  1. ACDF: anterior cervical discectomy with fusion; ACCF: anterior cervical corpectomy with fusion; mJOA: modified Japanese Orthopaedic Association scores.
  2. Results are the numbers of patients unless otherwise stated.