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Table 2 Results from a hierarchical multiple-linear regression (unstandardized coefficient B and standardized coefficient β) with the overall QOL item from the WHOQOL-BREF as the outcome variable and with age and gender as predictor variables in the first block, followed by the WHOQOL-SRPB facets and the PSS summary score as predictors in the second block

From: Spiritual quality of life and spiritual coping: evidence for a two-factor structure of the WHOQOL spirituality, religiousness, and personal beliefs module

  B β
Age -.00 -.01
Gender .15 .09*
Meaning of life .05 .06
Awe .09 .11*
Wholeness -.03 -.04
Strength -.11 -.17**
Inner peace .02 .03
Hope .19 .20**
Perceived stress -.03 -.28**
  1. *p < .05, **p < .01.
  2. Due to high collinearity, connectedness and faith were not entered. The total proportion of variance explained (r 2) in Block 2 was .20.