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Table 5 Professional care team burden scale (PCTB) – 10 item version

From: Professional Care Team Burden (PCTB) scale – reliability, validity and factor analysis

  Description Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
Item 1: My work performance is respected by my colleagues.
Item 2: I can discuss work related issues with my colleagues.
Item 3: The contact with my superiors is good.
Item 4: I can participate in organizing the daily routine in my organization.
Item 5: The loss of ability to communicate in persons with dementia bothers me *.
Item 6: I can manage behaviours resulting from disorientation in persons with dementia.
Item 7: Difficult behaviours (Aggression, Wandering) of persons with dementia are difficult to bear.*
Item 8: I can handle constructive critique.
Item 9: I can keep personal problems out of my daily work routine.
Item 10: My personal life/family environment is supportive and is able to unburden me.
  1. *Negatively poled items.