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Table 2 Research version of the PCTB used in the first reliability and validity study

From: Professional Care Team Burden (PCTB) scale – reliability, validity and factor analysis

No. Item +
1 In caring for residents I am able to adequately respect the needs of the person
2 In my daily routine I find time to recover
3 My work performance is respected by my colleagues
4 Because of my education and my professional routine I am able to solve my work challenges
5 In my daily routine I am sometimes insecure about the areas of my competency*
6 I can discuss work related issues with my colleagues
7 I feel that the contact with my superiors is good
8 I can participate in organizing the daily routine in my organization
9 I can handle the physical aspects of care (carrying, lifting, hot bathing areas)
10 The loss of ability to communicate in persons with dementia bothers me*
11 I can manage behaviours resulting from disorientation in persons with dementia
12 Difficult behaviours (aggression, wandering) of persons with dementia are difficult to bear*
13 I can accept and bear illness and death of older people in the circle of life
14 To observe how persons with dementia are getting worse makes me sad*
15 I am able to contribute to a positive working climate
16 In my daily work I sometimes feel worn out and depressed*
17 I can handle constructive critique
18 I can keep personal problems out of my daily work routine
19 My personal life/family environment is supportive and is able to unburden me
20 Are there any other areas that you find burdening that have not beet qualitative mentioned? If yes, which areas?**
  1. +Items are based on a structured Interview using the following questions: 1. How do you do at work in terms of time management? 2. What are the expectations towards you posed from your superiors of the organization? 3. How do you feel about the working climate in your institution? 4. How do you feel about the daily suffering of the persons with dementia and their relatives under your care? 5. How do you feel about the possibility to recover on your work-free days? 6. What do you appreciate in your work? What are the parts of your work that you do not appreciate? 7. Are there any other factors burdening you in your daily routine that you would like to mention?
  2. *Negatively poled items.
  3. **Qualitative question.