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Table 6 Association between suicidal thoughts/suicide attempts and disease severity and HRQoL

From: Importance of remission and residual somatic symptoms in health-related quality of life among outpatients with major depressive disorder: a cross-sectional study

Variable Suicidal thoughts Suicide attempts
ORa(95% CI) ORa(95% CI)
Groups by depression severity   
  Remitted Reference Reference
  Non-remitted 2.55 (1.50–4.33) 2.14 (1.08–4.25)
  New visit 1.56 (0.90–2.70) 1.21 (0.59–2.47)
EQ-5D index score 0.30 (0.12–0.75) 0.21 (0.08–0.57)
  1. EQ-5D = European quality of life-5 dimensions; OR = odds ratio; CI = confidence interval.
  2. aAdjusted for age and DSSS score.