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Figure 3

From: Improving the primary care physicians' decision making for fibromyalgia in clinical practice: development and validation of the Fibromyalgia Detection (FibroDetect®) screening tool

Figure 3

ROC curve of the final FibroDetect discriminant model; A: Investigational group (ACR + and ACR-); B: Control groups (FM + and FM-). Sensitivity: probability for ACR+ or FM+ patients to be correctly classified as ACR+ / FM +; 1 - Specificity: probability for ACR- or non-fibromyalgia patients to be incorrectly classified; Diagonal: AUC = 0.5, i.e., predictions are not better than random guessing AUC under the ROC curve: Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic curve; ACR, American College of Rheumatology; FM, fibromyalgia.

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