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Table 7 Discriminant validity involving known group analysis of the scale for the consciousness of self-affirmation

From: Development of the Japanese version of the Minneapolis-Manchester Quality of Life Survey of Health - Adolescent Form (MMQL-AF) and investigation of its reliability and validity

  Children with cancer off therapy (n = 140) Healthy controls (n = 181) t pvalue
Scale for the consciousness of self-affirmation Mean SD Mean SD
Intrapersonal fielda 46.85 7.32 44.87 9.13 2.15 < 0.05
Interpersonal fieldb 72.05 10.59 74.35 9.83 1.98 < 0.05
  1. n: number of individuals, SD: standard deviation, t: t value.
  2. aself-acceptance, attitude of self-actualization, sense of fulfillment.
  3. bself-closure/misanthropy, self-expression/interpersonal positivity, sense of being evaluated/interpersonal tension.