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Table 1 Content validity box from the COSMIN checklist

From: Analysis of the construct of dignity and content validity of the patient dignity inventory

Box D. Content validity (including face validity)
General requirements yes no ?
1 Was assessed if all items refer to relevant aspects of the construct to be measured?
2 Was assessed if all items are relevant for the study population? Considering e.g. age, gender, disease characteristics, country, setting
3 Was assessed if all items are relevant for the purpose of the application of the measurement instrument? i.e. (1) discriminative (distinguish between groups at one point in time), (2) evaluative (assess change over time), and/or (3) predictive (predict future values)
4 Was assessed if all items together comprehensively reflect the construct to be measured in terms of (1) content coverage and description of domains, and (2) the theoretical foundation?
5 Were there any important flaws in the design or methods of the study?  
  1. * The response rates are not corresponding with the response rates in the paper describing the design of the Advance Directives Cohort Study [18] since we excluded people who were only member of the Right to Die-NL and did not complete an advance directive (at that time).