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Table 1 Intraexaminer reliability of diagnostic questions and clinical examinations of the RDC/TMD criteria (n = 20)

From: Evaluating oral health-related quality of life measure for children and preadolescents with temporomandibular disorder

RDC/TMD criteria Statistical tests Interpretation
Sign of TMD - Axis I   
Muscle tenderness   
   Extraoral myofascial sites (4-category variable) 0.74 Substantial agreement
   Intraoral myofascial sites (4-category variable) 0.53 Moderate agreement
   Jaw movements* 0.46 Acceptable agreement
Joint pain   
   Palpation (4-category variable) 0.67 Substantial agreement
   Jaw movements* 0.96 Excellent agreement
Range of motion   
   Vertical dimension (mm) 0.68 Substantial agreement
   Jaw excursions (mm) 0.49 Moderate agreement
   Jaw-opening pattern* 0.30 Regular agreement
Joint sounds   
   Sound on jaw movement* 0.84 Excellent agreement
(Question) Symptom of TMD - Axis II*   
   (3) Pain in facial area, the jaws or the jaw joint 0.81 Excellent agreement
   (14a) Limitation in jaw opening 0.70 Good agreement
   (14b) Diet restriction due to limitation in jaw opening 0.80 Good agreement
  1. RDC/TMD, research diagnostic criteria for temporomandibular disorder
  2. * Cohen's Kappa
  3. † Intraclass correlation coefficient