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Table 5 Factor structure of the SF-12v2 derived from principal component analysis*

From: The 12-item medical outcomes study short form health survey version 2.0 (SF-12v2): a population-based validation study from Tehran, Iran

  Factor 1 Factor 2
Physical functioning (PF)   
Limitations in moderate physical activities (PF1) 0.84 0.31
Limitations in climbing several flights of stairs (PF2) 0.85 0.34
Role physical (RP)   
Accomplished less due to physical health (RP1) 0.79 0.51
Limited in kind of work or activities due to physical health (RP2) 0. 83 0.50
Bodily pain (BP)   
Pain interference with work inside or outside home (BP)** 0.75 0.56
General health (GH)   
Health rating in general (GH1) 0.65 0.55
Social functioning (SF)   
Interference of physical health or emotional problems with social activities (SF1) 0.27 0.65
Role emotional (RE)   
Accomplished less due to emotional problems (RE) 0.49 0.78
Not careful in work or activities due to emotional problems (RE) 0.48 0.78
Vitality (VT)   
Having a lot of energy (VT1) 0.50 0.61
Mental health (MH)   
Feel calm and peaceful (MH1) 0.29 0.71
Feel downhearted and blue (MH2) 0.27 0.74
Eigenvalues 5.80 1.37
Variance explained (%) 48.4 11.5
  1. * Values equal or greater than 0.4 were considered satisfactory