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Table 3 Adjusted1 'problem' rate ratios (PRR) of OHIP-14 severity (cumulative score) corresponding to one standard deviation change in OHL (5

From: The relationship of oral health literacy with oral health-related quality of life in a multi-racial sample of low-income female caregivers

  PRR2 95% CL
Entire sample 0.91 0.86, 0.98
White 1.01 0.91, 1.11
African American 0.86 0.77, 0.96
American Indian 0.92 0.80, 1.05
  1. 1: Zero-inflated negative binomial model, including terms for age, education level and dental attendance.
  2. 2: Estimates corresponds to the relative change in OHIP-14 cumulative score for one standard deviation increase in OHL.