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Table 1 List of criteria for assessing the methodological quality of studies on the relationship between Type D personality and the general population.

From: Type D personality in the general population: a systematic review of health status, mechanisms of disease, and work-related problems

Positive if with respect to:  
Type D assessment  
1. A validated Type D questionnaire is used (e.g. DS16, DS24 or DS14)
2. The correct method of calculating Type D is used (e.g. as described in the publications associated with the Type D questionnaires)
Study population  
3. A description is included of at least two socio-demographic variables
4. Inclusion and/or exclusion criteria are described
5. Participation rates for patient groups are described and are more than 75%
6. Information is given about the degree of selection of sample (information is given about the ratio respondents versus non-respondents).
Study design  
7. The study size is consisting of at least 50 participants (arbitrarily chosen)
8. The collection of data is prospectively gathered
9. The process of data collection is described (e.g. interview or self-report)
10. The results are compared between two groups or more (e.g., Type D vs. non-Type D, groups with different gender or age etc.)
11. Statistical proof for the findings is reported