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Table 2 Breadth and Depth of Disability in Instruments

From: How do existing HIV-specific instruments measure up? Evaluating the ability of instruments to describe disability experienced by adults living with HIV

  Dimensions of Disability Breadth and Depth of Disability
Instrument Symptoms/Impairment/44 categories Difficulties with Day-to-Day Activities/22 categories Challenges to Social Inclusion/4 categories Uncertainty/2 categories Breadth (Yes/No) Depth (Yes/No)
Body Image Scale 5     No No
Assessment of Body Change and Diarrhea Scale (ACBD) 9    1 No No
HIV Diarrhea Questionnaire 2     No No
HIV-Related Fatigue Scale 4 10 2   No No
Health-Related Quality of Life Scale (HIV-QOL) 18 8    No No
AIDS Health Assessment Questionnaire (AIDS-HAQ) 2 12    No Yes
Functional Assessment of HIV Infection (FAHI) 12 1 4 1 Yes Yes
HIV Overview of Problems-Evaluation System (HOPES) 25 10 4 1 Yes Yes
HIV/AIDS Targeted QOL (HAT-QOL) 7 1 2 2 Yes Yes
HIV Patient Assessed Report of Status and Experience (HIV-PARSE) 21 12 3   No Yes
HIV QOL Questionnaire (HIV-QL-31) 9 6 1 1 Yes No
Medical Outcomes Survey HIV Health Survey (MOS-HIV) 8 6 2   No No
Multidimensional QOL Questionnaire for HIV/AIDS (MQoL-HIV) 8 8 1 1 Yes No
World Health Organization QOL HIV Instrument (WHOQOL-HIV) 11 6 3 1 Yes Yes
General Health Self Assessment 16 7 2   No No
Living with HIV Scale 9     No Yes
HIV Cost and Services Utilization Tool 4 10 2   No No
AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG Outcomes SF-31) 5 6 2   No No
Existential Loneliness Questionnaire 4   1   No No
Mental Adjustment to HIV Scale (MAHIVS) 4    1 No No
HIV/AIDS Stress Scale 8 5 3 1 Yes No
HIV Stressor Scale 1   2   No No
Physical Symptoms of Illness Scale 12     No No
HIV Symptom Index (Justice) 18     No No
Sign and Symptom Checklist for HIV (SSC-HIV) 13     No No
Riverside Symptom Checklist 18     No No
Revised Sign and Symptom Checklist for HIV (SSC-HIVrev) 27     No Yes
HIV Symptom Index (Whalen) 12     No No
Self-Report Slowness Scale (SRSS) 1 9    No No
Impact of Weight Loss Scale 3   2   No No
  1. Number of categories of disability represented for each dimension within existing HIV-specific instruments (in alphabetical order based on construct measured). Breadth of disability is defined as an instrument having at least 1 item (or category) represented in each of the four disability dimensions. Depth of disability is defined as having all possible categories represented in a given dimension.