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Table 4 Most important components of HRQL according to asthmatic children; results of the nominal group technique

From: How does asthma influence the daily life of children? Results of focus group interviews

Component of HRQL Total score1
Need to use medication 18
Effect of cigarette smoke 12
Shortness of breath 9
Being bullied by peers 9
Cough 7
Limitations due to allergic triggers (in general) 7
Unable to have a pet 5
Lack of concentration 4
Limitations in running 3
Limitations school gymnastics 3
Asthma attacks 3
Limitations in swimming 2
Limitations in sport activities in general 2
Doctor visits 2
Missing days at school 2
Being angry 2
Being sick 2
Hospital visits 1
Weather influence 1
  1. 1 Children were asked to select a maximum of three worst components of asthma-specific health-related quality of life. The most important component according to a child received 3 points, the second most important component received 2 points, and the third most important component received 1 point. A total score per component was calculated.