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Table 3 Overview of number of statements expressed by paediatric asthma patients per component of HRQL.

From: How does asthma influence the daily life of children? Results of focus group interviews

Domain Component Number of statements by children of the focus groups
Limitations due to environmental triggers
  No pets1 28
  Cigarette smoke 21
  Dust (house dust mite) 18
  Seasonal changes 13
Physical complaints including asthma symptoms
  Cough 49
  Shortness of breath 47
  Wheezing 34
  Sore throat 10
  Asthma attack 8
Limitations in activities
  Running 39
  Sport-activities, like cycling 29
  Swimming 16
  Physical education 11
Impact on social life
  Being bullied, left out and not believed 60
  Visits to doctors, hospitals, tests 32
  Missing days at school 22
  Having to explain about asthma 11
Emotional and mental impact (including self management components)
  Daily medication use 22
  Dependency on medication 22
  Difficult to concentrate/paying attention 17
  Feeling different (less popular) and lonely 11
  1. 1 Components in the table are selected as essential components based on the outcome of the focus group meetings