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Table 4 ICF categories relevant in patients undergoing HPN (ICF component body structures).

From: Functioning and health in patients with cancer on home-parenteral nutrition: a qualitative study

ICF block or chapter
2nd level ICF category
Stage1 expected
Stage2 improvement
  Structures involved in voice and speech     
s320 Structure of mouth x    
  Structures of the cardiovascular, immunological and respiratory systems
s430 Structure of respiratory system x    
  Structures related to digestive, metabolic and endocrine systems
s530 Structure of stomach x   x x
s540 Structure of intestine x   x  
s550 Structure of pancreas x    
s560 Structure of liver x   x  
  Structures related to movement     
s750 Structure of lower extremity x    
s760 Structure of trunk x    
  Skin and related structures     
s830 Structure of nails    x  
s840 Structure of hair    x