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Table 2 ICF categories relevant in patients undergoing HPN (ICF component body functions).

From: Functioning and health in patients with cancer on home-parenteral nutrition: a qualitative study

ICF block or chapter
2nd level ICF category
Stage1 expected improvement Stage2 improvement
  Global mental functions     
b110 Consciousness functions x    
b126 Temperament and personality functions x x   
b130 Energy and drive functions x x x x
b134 Sleep functions x x x x
  Specific mental functions     
b140 Attention functions x    
b144 Memory functions    x  
b152 Emotional functions x x x  
b156 Perceptual functions    x  
b167 Mental functions of language    x  
b180 Experience of self and time functions    x  
  Additional sensory functions
b265 Touch function    x  
b270 Sensory functions related to temperature and other stimuli x   x  
b280 Sensation of pain x   x  
  Voice and speech function     
b310 Voice functions x    
b320 Articulation functions x    
b330 Fluency and rhythm of speech functions x    
  Functions of the cardiovascular system
b410 Heart functions    x  
b420 Blood pressure functions    x  
  Additional functions and sensations of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
b450 Additional respiratory functions x    
b455 Exercise tolerance functions x x x x
  Functions related to the digestive system     
b510 Ingestion functions x    
b515 Digestive functions x   x  
b525 Defecation functions x x   
b530 Weight maintenance functions x x x x
b535 Sensations associated with the digestive system x    
  Functions related to metabolism and endocrine system
b545 Water, mineral and electrolyte balance functions x x   
  Urinary functions     
b620 Urination functions x    
  Functions of the joint and bone     
b710 Mobility of joint functions    x  
b715 Stability of joint functions x    
  Musle functions     
b730 Muscle power functions x x x x
b740 Muscle endurance functions    x  
  Movement function     
b765 Involuntary movement functions x    
  Functions of the skin     
b820 Repair functions of the skin x    
b830 Other functions of the skin x