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Table 1 National Cancer Institute common terminology criteria for grading selected dermatologic adverse events*

From: Quality of life in colon cancer patients with skin side effects: preliminary results from a monocentric cross sectional study

Grade Dry Skin Nail changes Pruritus/Itching Rash/Desquamation Rash: Acne/Acneiform
1 Asymptomatic Discoloration, ridging, pitting Mild or localized Macular or papular eruption, or erythema without associated symptoms Intervention not indicated
2 Symptomatic, not interfering with activities of daily living (AOL) Partial or complete loss of nail(s); pain in nails Intense or widespread Macular or papular eruption, or erythema with pruritus or other associated symptoms; localized desquamation or other lesions covering < 50% body surface area (BSA) Intervention indicated
3 Interfering with ADL Interfering with ADL Intense or widespread and interfering with ADL Severe, generalized erythroderma, or macular, papular or vesicular eruption; desquamation covering
> 50% BSA
Associated with pain, disfigurement, ulceration, or desquamation
4 - - - Generalized, exfoliative, ulcerative, or bullous dermatitis -
5 - - - Death Death
  1. * From Common terminology criteria for adverse events v3.0, by the National Cancer Institute, 2003. Retrieved September 2, 2005, from Reprinted with permission