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Table 2 Items and domains of measures included in the review.

From: Measuring the psychosocial health of adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors: a critical review

Measure Items Domains Description Reference
Adolescent Quality of Life Instrument
16 5 normal activities, social/family interactions, health status, mood, meaning of being ill [35, 36]
MMQL Adolescent Form
Minneapolis-Manchester Quality of Life Instrument
46 7 physical, psychological, social, and cognitive functioning, body image, outlook on life, intimate relations [5254]
PedsQL 3.0 Cancer Module (C&A) Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Child and Adolescent Forms 27 8 pain and hurt, nausea, procedural anxiety, treatment anxiety, worry, cognitive problems, perceived physical appearance, communication [5558]
Quality of Life-Cancer Survivors
41 4 physical, psychological (distress and fear), social, and spiritual well-being [16]
Pediatric Cancer Quality of Life Inventory - 32 Short Form
32 5 disease and treatment-related symptoms, physical, psychological, social, and cognitive functioning [5961]
PCQL Modular Approach Pediatric Cancer Quality of Life Inventory Modular Approach 23 5 (core) physical, psychological, social, (modules) pain, nausea [62]
Perceived Illness Experience Scale
34 9 physical appearance, interference with activity, peer rejection, integration in school, manipulation, parental behaviour, disclosure, preoccupation with illness, impact of treatment [63, 64]