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Table 1 Summary of outcome measures used in this study

From: Exploring the validity of estimating EQ-5D and SF-6D utility values from the health assessment questionnaire in patients with inflammatory arthritis

  Type of measure Range of scores
   Worst Best
EQ-5D Preference based utility measure/HRQoL -0.59 1.00
SF-6D Preference based utility measure/HRQoL 0.30 1.00
HAQ Functional disability 3 0
DAS28 Disease activity 10 0
28 Tender joint count Physician assessment of tenderness in 28 joints 28 0
28 Swollen joint count Physician assessment of swelling in 28 joints 28 0
ESR (mm/hr) Laboratory test of inflammatory marker/acute phase reactant * 0
  1. Abbreviations: DAS28 = Disease Activity Score based on 28 swollen and tender joint counts, EQ-5D = EuroQol-5D, ESR = Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, HAQ = Health Assessment Questionnaire, HRQoL = Health-Related Quality of Life, SF-6D = Short Form-6D
  2. * Higher values indicate inflammation