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Table 2 Correlations of MVQoLI against the POS

From: Validation of a core outcome measure for palliative care in Africa: the APCA African Palliative Outcome Scale

MVQol Item POS Item Correlation coefficient (r)
MVQoLI total POS total* 0.538
MVQoLI total POS total for patient items only* 0.566
MVQoLI symptom subscale Sum (POS Q1* (pain) + Q2* (symptoms)) 0.117
MVQoLI interpersonal subscale POS Q4 (sharing feelings) 0.392
MVQoLI well being subscale Sum POS Q6 (peace) + Q3* (worry) + Q7 (help & advice) 0.435
MVQoLI transcendence subscale POS Q5 (life worthwhile) 0.238
  1. * POS items transformed so that for all items high scores indicated better patient status.