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Table 2 The German CFQ-R, Child and Parent versions

From: Health-related quality of life in children with cystic fibrosis: validation of the German CFQ-R

  CFQ-R Child version CFQ-R Parent version Item examples for each dimension
Dimensions of Health-Related Quality of Life (no. of items) (no. of items)  
Physical Functioning 6 9 "Child was able to run, jump and climb as it wanted."
Energy - 5 "Child seemed energetic."
Emotional State 8 5 "Child felt worried."
Social Limitations 7 - "Child felt left out."
School Performance - 3 "Child has trouble concentrating."
Body Image 3 3 "Child felt physically different from others."
Eating Disturbance 3 2 "Child was pushed to eat."
Treatment Burden 3 3 "Child was bothered by undergoing the treatments."
Subjective Health Perception - 3 "Child leads a normal life."
Respiratory Symptoms 4 6 "Child coughed during the day."
Digestive Symptoms 1 3 "Child's stomach hurt."
Weight Problems - 1 "Child had trouble gaining weight."
No. of dimensions 8 11  
No. of items 35 43