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Table 2 Distribution- and anchor-based MIDs for the Worry Scale of HFS-II.

From: Fear of hypoglycaemia: defining a minimum clinically important difference in patients with type 2 diabetes

Method MID for HFS-II
Distribution-based MIDs  
   Standard deviation multiplied by 0.2 2.1
   Standard deviation multiplied by 0.3 3.1
   Standard deviation multiplied by 0.33 3.4
   Standard deviation multiplied by 0.5 5.2
   8% of theoretical score range 5.8
   Standard error of measurement 2.0
Anchor-based MIDs  
   Satisfaction with medication (TSQM question 14) 3.6
   Impact of side effects on physical health (TSQM question 6) 3.6
   Impact of side effects on satisfaction with medication (TSQM question 8) 3.9