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Table 2 Dimensions, detailed concepts and scoring method of the final PACT-Q

From: Scoring and psychometric validation of the Perception of Anticoagulant Treatment Questionnaire (PACT-Q©)

PACT-Q Dimensions Item number – Detailed concept Scoring Score range
PACT-Q1 Treatment Expectations A1 – Confidence in prevention of blood clots One score 1 to 5
   A2 – Expectations of symptom relief One score 1 to 5
   A3 – Expectations of side effects One score 1 to 5
   A4 – Importance of ease of use One score 1 to 5
   A5 – Worries about making mistakes One score 1 to 5
   A6 – Importance of independency One score 1 to 5
   A7 – Worries about cost One score 1 to 5
PACT-Q2 Convenience* B1 – Difficulties in taking the treatment One score 0 to 100
   B2 – Bother in taking the treatment   
   B3 – Difficulties regarding dose adjustments required   
   B4 – Treatment and other medications   
   B5 – Treatment and regimen implications   
   B6 – Treatment and being away from home   
   B7 – Difficulties regarding daily life   
   B8 – Bother in follow-up required   
   B9 – Difficulties regarding regular intake   
   B10 – Feeling regarding loss of independency   
   B11 – Worries about having to stop the treatment   
   C1 – Impact of side effects on usual activities   
   C2 – Discomfort due to symptoms   
  Anticoagulant Treatment Satisfaction* D1 – Feeling of reassurance One score 0 to 100
   D2 – Symptom decrease   
   D3 – Experience with side effects   
   D4 – Satisfaction regarding independency   
   D5 – Satisfaction with patient management   
   D6 – Satisfaction with treatment form   
   D7 – Overall satisfaction   
  1. * For convenience score, all items are reversed (reversed item score = 6 – initial item score), then summed and rescaled on a 0 – 100 scale; for satisfaction score, all items are summed and rescaled on a 0 – 100 scale; for both scores, the higher the score, the higher the convenience/satisfaction