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Table 7 Items and responses modalities

From: Development and validation of a French patient-based health-related quality of life instrument in kidney transplant: the ReTransQoL

Item number Items label Response modalities
1 Have you had physical pain? All most time
2 Has your graft bothered you? Most of time
3 Have you felt tired? A good bit of the time
4 Do you engage in physical exercise? Some of the time
5 Do you feel energetic? A little of the time
   None of time
6 You are as well as anyone else Definitely agree
7 You have stopped doing certain things. Mostly agree
8 You feel autonomous. Not agree not disagree
9 You can do your housework and errands by yourself. Mostly disagree
   Definitely disagree
10 Do you feel physically affected?  
11 Are you annoyed by the side effects of treatment?  
12 Is your weight a problem for you?  
13 Do you feel relieved?  
14 Do you feel sick? No at all
15 Have you been able to forget that you received a graft? A little bit
16 Do you often think about your graft? Moderately
17 Are you satisfied with your graft? Quite a bit
18 Does your family offer you moral support? Extremely
19 Has your family accepted your illness?  
20 Do you feel misunderstood by the people around you?  
21 Do you feel close to your friends?  
22 Do you feel sad?  
23 Have you enjoyed life as much as possible?  
24 Do you feel discouraged? All most time
25 Are you able to put up with daily worries and stress? Most of time
26 Do you feel isolated? A good bit of the time
27 Are you anxious about your state of health? Some of the time
28 Does waiting for the results of medical tests distress you or make you feel scared? A little of the time
29 Do you think about a possible return to dialysis? None of time
30 Do you still sometimes think about dialysis?  
31 You would say that you have a normal life. Definitely agree
32 You live with the graft as if you have a second life, a rebirth. Mostly agree
33 Do you think you will have enough income to provide for your needs? Not agree not disagree
   Mostly disagree
   Definitely disagree
34 Do you have hobbies/leisure activities? All most time
   Most of time
   A good bit of the time
   Some of the time
   A little of the time
   None of time
35 Is taking medications a constraint for you?  
36 Are you scared of the possible side effects of the anti-rejection treatment?  
37 Are your doctor's orders restrictive?  
38 Do you trust your nephrologist?  
39 Do you have trust in the prescribed treatments?  
40 Are you satisfied by your nephrologist's ability to listen? No at all
41 Do you feel sufficiently informed by your nephrologist? A little bit
42 Do you feel like you are sufficiently informed about the side effects of your treatments? Moderately
43 Do you feel like you are sufficiently informed about complications of the graft? Quite a bit
44 Do you feel supported by the medical team? Extremely
45 Are you satisfied by your medical follow-up?