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Table 5 Predictors of follow-up EWB

From: Predictors of health-related quality of life in patients with colorectal cancer

Variable Type Variable B (SE) p-value sr 2 Effect on
HRQL Initial EWB .55 (.04) <.0001 .210 2.05
Cancer/Health-related General health .54 (.15) .0004 .017 .56
Healthcare Problems with control of nausea/vomiting -1.25 (.46) .007 .009 -1.25
Adjusted R2: 36.5
  1. HRQL, Health-related Quality of Life; EWB, Emotional Well-being; B, regression coefficient; SE, standard error; sr2, squared semi-partial correlation
  2. *Difference in predicted follow-up EWB score for a 1 SD difference in interval variables or the difference relative to the reference category for nominal variables. Effects with a magnitude of at least 2 points are considered meaningful and are indicated in bold font.