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Table 3 Summary statistics of overall model fit for the conventional single factor version of the Chinese version of the MDAS

From: Some psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale with cross validation

  χ2 df χ2 diff Δdf RMSEA GFI CFI NFI
Model A 206.2 5    .227 .902 .902 .901
Model B 33.9 4 172.3* 1 .098 .983 .985 .984
  1. Notes: χ2 diff2 difference); root mean square error of approximation (RMSEA); goodness of fit index (GFI); comparative fit index (CFI); normative fit index (NFI);
  2. as Model A but with correlated residual from 'mdas1' and 'mdas2';
  3. * p < 0.0001.