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Table 2 Proportion of respondents reporting problems on each EQ-5D dimension in the baseline SHIELD survey, by group

From: EQ-5D visual analog scale and utility index values in individuals with diabetes and at risk for diabetes: Findings from the Study to Help Improve Early evaluation and management of risk factors Leading to Diabetes (SHIELD)

Proportion of respondents reporting some or unable, or moderately/extremely, % Low risk High risk Type 2 Diabetes
Decreased mobility 17.1*^ 43.4* 47.9
Difficulty with self-care 2.7*^ 6.5* 8.5
Problems performing usual activities 15.7*^ 33.3* 36.1
Pain or discomfort 43.5*^ 61.8 61.1
Anxious or depressed 19.9*^ 24.9 26.1
  1. EQ-5D = EuroQoL-5 Dimensions; *p < 0.001 for comparison with type 2 diabetes; ^ p < 0.0001 for comparison of high risk to low risk