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Table 7 CHAQ and GMFM mean scores, according to the CP classification

From: Psychometric properties of the Child Health Assessment Questionnaire (CHAQ) applied to children and adolescents with cerebral palsy

CHAQ Spastic Extrap
(n = 11)
p value*
(n = 22)
(n = 35)
(n = 24)
Dressing 2.91a 2.43ab 2.33b 2.91ab 0.01
Arising 2.86a 1.49b 0.62c 2.09d 0.00
Eating 2.82a 2.00b 1.83b 2.36ab 0.00
Walking 2.86a 2.26b 0.87c 2.18b 0.00
Hygiene 2.90a 2.21bc 1.79b 2.64ac 0.00
Reach 2.90a 2.00b 1.83b 2.36b 0.00
Grip 2.90a 1.68b 1.50b 2.36a 0.00
Activities 2.90a 2.50ab 2.25b 2.82a 0.01
Disability Index 2.90a 2.03b 1.64c 2.47d 0.00
Evaluation of pain 0.67a 0.30a 0.59a 0.11a 0.09
Evaluation of overall well-being 0.74a 0.43a 0.48a 0.57a 0.59
GMFM 10.59a 63.51b 89.50c 42.45d 0.00
  1. *ANOVA. Mean scores followed by the same letter do not differ from each other by the Bonferroni post hoc test.
  2. Quadri = quadriplegia; Dip = diplegia; Hemi = hemiplegia; Extrap = extrapyramidal